Sarah, Illuminati No Love Appointment I Never Got Changes with Girlfriend, was wasted (Girls), and I choose to become Girl, others want me Ugly and fat? this is very Mean…





Angel Michael, Right Hand of God, Gives Free Will, and Unconditional Love       I believe in Jesus?


Ennead Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat ExperimentKarma System  Ego-Higher Self Free Will Cosmic Laws


I cared for everything and learned all my lessons,  I Choose for Unconditional Love,  I trust in angels I can be myself, beautiful and thin…

I Create Happiness , I am Good as I am, I dance and sing, Make Music,  I let Everything, and Others as It Is, and Think Positive,  (Higher Self)


My Soul :   Kevin Jes Us     John  John’s Birth    Girl Side






Creator and My Universe


4555 Book of Leou 10:10 You align “Yourself” As Creator and the energies of the Universe




880 is a powerful number that relates to who you truly are within,

your inner-strengths and unique talents,

and your abilities to manifest both material and spiritual energies

into your life. It is also a number that gets things done.






444 is a Very powerful omen.


You have been tasked with the vital work

of Creating Our paradigm,

and Rebuilding it from the ground up!




























Channeling of My Angels

















Beauty, ArchAngel Lofiel      Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty    Angel Of Sexuality   The Moon, Major Arcana XVIII







Girlfriends 🙂 




















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